Kidultknows Media provides full-service photo/video production and social media content packages to clients across North America and Asia. 

As the Co-founder and senior photographer/filmmaker of Kidultknows Media, Hammer has been working professionally as a director, video creator, and photographer for over two decades.

By harboring a strong belief in the connective power of narrative, Hammer uniquely blends video and sound into rich and compelling stories. With his depth of knowledge in crafting videos, Hammer is able to invoke a range of emotions in his audience that takes them through the highs and lows of human experience and potential.

His professional accomplishments include filming athletic legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant,  Kevin Durant, Na LI, Xiang Liu, and Jianlian Yi, along with winning numerous awards in advertising, documentaries, and shows including Desert Trip, NIKE RISE,

and Warriors Road etc.

While there is a certain pride that comes from receiving recognition and accolades, Hammer’s true source of pride comes from highlighting the unique stories of life that we can all relate to. He has spent his career capturing the stories of the common person, from coaches inspiring underprivileged youth to happily married couples smiling at each other and the giving nature of the human spirit. Every piece of his photo/video work records an unforgettable moment in life.


"Hammer Liu 曾经给本人拍摄过一系列纪录片和广告短片, 比如耐克纪录片《炼》,《薪火阵营》。他是一位合格的纪录片导演。"

Yi Jianlian / NBA Basketball Player

“I am delighted to recommend you an outstanding director and creative mind:Mr Liu Feng. I have known Mr. Liu since 2005 when I hired him in my role as ECD into Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai to build our internal film department. He became very soon the leader and mentor for new Chinese talents and was able to grow the department into a valuable and reliable production partner for one of our biggest clients, Nike China"

Frank Hahn / Group Creative Director